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AceBuddy is an ethical software boutique

At AceBuddy, ethical practices are at the heart of our software boutique. We believe in conducting business with transparency, integrity, and a profound commitment to ethical standards. Our team is dedicated to delivering not only exceptional digital solutions but also an experience founded on trust, honesty, and social responsibility. We prioritize the well-being of our clients, our community, and the digital landscape, ensuring that every interaction with AceBuddy reflects our unwavering commitment to ethical excellence.


We are voted a top software boutique by Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders just like you

AceBuddy is a top software developer in San Jose, Costa Rica
AceBuddy is a top Python and Django developer in San Jose, Costa rica
Wix Velo, official certification badge
Wix Legend, badged earned by the hard work, excellence of AceBuddy
DesignRush Accredited Agency
AceBuddy is a top Artificial Intelligence company in San Jose, Costa Rica
AceBuddy earned Badge as Stripe certified Professional Developer



Representation of a dataflow chart for a project

Why choose to work with us

No outsourcing headaches! We tackle your project hands-on, unlike some companies plagued by communication woes with distant creators.

Our ace team excels in programming, user experience, design, and development, prioritizing user-centricity. With a track record spanning Fortune 500 to 2000 companies, we deliberately stay compact to deliver top-notch results and speedy, efficient communication.

All our machines boast the latest iOS, exclusively Apple brand, ensuring top-tier design and development tools for your project. Coupled with a decade of proven web-based software expertise, we're a formidable team.

Unlike larger firms prone to costly design revisions post-development, AceBuddy offers direct communication with project leaders—our skilled developers are proficient in design, development, and programming each team member masters the 3 topics. This guarantees a 100% success rate without added expenses.

When it comes to project management, our developers are Scrum experts, coupling it with exceptional customer service for unparalleled project iteration.

We Work Hard

Attention to detail

Fullstack + Design

We deliver value

Each development step done, we give priority to the marketing efforts and quality over all, we check even the smallest detail!

Solid experience programming - developing web-based software; Mobile apps, Web apps, and Websites

We have released 100+

products so far

We create useful products that add value to your business and customers


We are ready to start your project

A certified team primed to excel in your project, each team member has over 10 years of experience developing web-based software



You Have questions? this might help to clarify our process

  • How do you charge?
    Our rate starts at $45 USD per hour or fixed price. We share invoices that can be paid easily with PayPal, allowing you to pay with: All major debit and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover) for Companies and Individuals.
  • What is your focus?
    We develop custom web-based software web and mobile applications, this can be a SaaS subscription model application or a service - data application for startups, established companies or individuals.
  • What is your experience working with remote teams?
    We usually chat in Slack, WhatsApp, LinkedIn on a daily basis with our clients. We take video calls through Google Meet or Zoom. We work daily using Git, Github, BitBucket collaborating on private or public repositories of our clients.
  • Why Wix Velo or Django?
    Wix 2023 is a platform that allows custom bespoke software development with a unique, highly secure, and stable approach to serverless with Velo that is unavailable on WebFlow, or WordPress. With Wix you have a powerful severless NodeJS backend, ReactJS single page application frontend high performance highly secure that attackers can not break. Yes, no cookie cutter, this is JUST A MYTH, with Velo you can create anything with the support of a professional & certified Computer Science team, this is what we are! Django, is powerful. With Python can create any type of powerful application, we don't just say it, is a powerful web application built with Django and ReactJS by us, this application utilizes ai methods to search for exoplanets and rare objects in the universe with an approach 90% faster than traditional technics and calculations. Django is highly secure by itself and is commonly used for banking development Giants trust Django. With these technologies, a software boutique like ours can serve all types of needs serverless and server-side.
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