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Alpha RTK

This is a serverless web-based software. The application allows users to purchase a plan. When a user successfully purchases a plan generates a new connection via an IP address that the member can use to connect a surveying device to GPS services.


Technologies used


What are their services?

The company offers surveying consulting services and thanks to the software that we developed now they offer a GPS service connection that empowers surveying devices with GPS capabilities


What we made.

We built a bespoke web-based software with Velo NodeJS backend, Wix interface components, Velo frontend logic, and Wix-data database that allows users to purchase a plan and generate a new connection between their surveying device and a GPS surveying system.

  • Velo NodeJS backend with MVC architecture

  • Database development

  • Backend API GPS connection generator

  • Prepaid time component

  • Member dashboard to control the IP number connection and the time available based on a purchased plan

  • Web application UX

  • User interface logic


UI/UX slide show


How does it work?

Users can purchase prepaid time to use the GPS service, this is a connection to a GPS surveying technology, the users can also check the available prepaid time and they can add more time from a member dashboard.

The backend was built to control purchase dates these dates are stored in a Wix-Data database table, with backend recurrent scheduled jobs the software verifies the days, months, and years available for the service, and sends a data report monthly to each user. The backend also checks if the connection has less than 4 days to expire, if this is the case sends an email alert to the owner to add more prepaid time.

Email sender component

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