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This is a serverless project for artists and art lovers empowered by custom ai methods.

Main landing page, fintech software


Technologies used


What are their services?

Our client is from France, they offer a digital web application to the mexican artist community that works as a social network but also as an application that meassures knowledge and social influence of the artists, based on these parameters a user can gain more influence in the social network. The application is planning to continue expanding to another countries in the future.


What we made.

We built the web application presented on this case study, including the ai methods

  • Velo NodeJS backend with MVC architecture

  • Database development

  • User account

  • Module that controls user roles & permissions

  • Analytics module with machine learning and custom ai methods

  • Frontend user interface logic

  • Quiz component

  • UI/UX and custom design


How does it work?

A user sign up to start using the web application, the first phase presented to the user after sign up is the initial quiz with a total of 7 questions, unless the user asnwer this quiz topic can not access the tools in the application. Once the user answer the 7 questions is requested to fill out their the minimum information to become a member through a wizard screen that does not allow the user to continue unless is filled out. Then the user is taken to a lobby where the user have certain important screens "Your Space", "Improve your State", "Quiz", "Personal account" these are social tools that are meassured and analyzed by ai methods, users can use "Improve your State" to fill out information, request to become artist presenting their art work, signature artist manifest, art love manifest and many more. Between the quiz component which is empowered by ai methods to evaluate user actions and the Improve your State screen the user can improve their level of influence on the social network. If a user is less serious about influencing the artistic world within the social network can simply create a profile, follow artists, view art galleries, and present a social network public profile that others can view and follow (which will always generate influence meassured as a concrete value) The importance of the influence level is that would highly affect the art of the rest of artists depending on the user parameters.

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