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Bitdca is a serverless project. This is a fintech project, where clients must previously have an affiliate ID to sign up, once a user signs up becomes a partner and is associated directly with the blockchain API. Partners can also subscribe to new clients.

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Technologies used


What are their services?

Bitdca offers highly secure ways to mine cryptocurrency their main focus is bitcoin


What we made.

We built a bespoke web-based software with Velo NodeJS backend, Wix interface components, Velo frontend logic, and Wix-data database that allows partners to securely through an AML form sign up new clients, to create a cycle for a user to be able to sign up must own an affiliate id, that is attached to a partner id. Then a client can fill in an AML form to become a partner.

  • Blockchain API, which adds the partner with their wallet to the official blockchain API

  • AML software components

  • Custom authentication component with affiliate IDs

This client needed very specific integrations to ensure no money laundry on their system and a secure connection to the main blockchain through advanced APIs. The system that we programmed controls through meticulous new cryptocurrency mining methods the ways new clients and partners subscribe, integrate their wallets, and more in a highly secure environment. Everything was made with Velo NodeJS and Wix Studio.


How does it work?

A user can sign up only if they have the capacity to provide an affiliate ID, this affiliate id exists in the block chain. Once a user signs up and becomes a client, then a client can become a partner by going through an AML process, for this the client must have a partner ID associated, this partner id is auto-filled when the client requests to become a partner after the client completes the AML process the system writes this client as a new partner in the blockchain and integrates their wallet

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