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CharBlue Premium Canadian Spice Rubs

CharBlue, a renowned brand celebrated for its premium spice rubs in Canada, sought an upgrade for their online presence. AceBuddy stepped in, providing a website redesign and developing a user-friendly eCommerce solution to facilitate online sales of their exceptional spice rubs.

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Technologies used


About their products

They sell premium Canadian spicy rubs


What we made.

Website Redesign:

AceBuddy worked on revamping CharBlue's website to align with the brand's identity, offering a fresh and visually appealing platform that resonates with their premium spice rubs.

eCommerce Solution:

An efficient eCommerce solution was developed, empowering CharBlue to showcase and sell their spice rubs online. This solution includes essential components such as a product grid, detailed product pages, a convenient mini cart, and a seamless cart and checkout experience.

Admin Dashboard:

A robust admin dashboard was crafted, granting CharBlue full control. The dashboard enables effortless CRUD operations for products, allowing easy updates and additions. The categorization feature streamlines the management of their diverse range of spice rubs.


How does it work?

The redesigned website serves as an inviting storefront, providing an engaging platform for customers to explore and purchase CharBlue's premium spice rubs. The intuitive eCommerce components enhance the shopping experience, ensuring a smooth journey from product discovery to checkout.

The admin dashboard in CharBlue's hands, allowing them to manage their product catalog efficiently.

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