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This is a serverside project. This is a web-based software for engineers, which supports the computation of complex solid calculations quickly on a friendly user environment and a clean minimalistic interface and a poweful Django backend.


Technologies used


What are their services?

Continuum offers web-based engineering services mostly for aero space, mechanical, and civil engineers.


What did we do?

We developed the web application, as a whole as presented on this case study.


UI/UX slide show


How does it work?

The engineer starts by adding to the system all the constants of the material, the properties which defines the material. Then the engineer can configure on that material what forces are applyed, magnitudes and directions including angles starting clockwise. The engineer than can process to calculate reactions due to the external forces, axial stress, axial deformation, torsion, torsional angle and flexion stress. But not only that the engineer can play with a complex range of values due to the way how the application was built, each module is a mathatical equation placed as a web interface which allows an engineer to exchange values and compute approximations each time more precise due to the iterations done by the program using Gausian elimination and non linear differential equations with multiple variable under the elastic range of the solid.

Cosmoo Astronomy tool to search explanets, user dashboard

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