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Howling Owl

The project was to create a new website and integrate advanced functionalities such as a booking engine, and an alerts admin component, controlled from a dashboard

Main top header for the Pavillion restaurant


Technologies used


What are their services?

They offer special event services and a restaurant in Godalming England

The pavillion landing page whole view, including schedule component and calendar integration via API with thirsparty DesignMyNight


What we made.

We built a bespoke website, with custom functionalities to book using a third-party booking engine that the company required.

  • Velo NodeJS backend with MVC architecture

  • Database development

  • Web application UI/UX

  • User interface logic

  • Landing page development and design

  • Third-party calendar integration via API

  • Alerts widget, this widget allows our client to set alerts without breaking the website layout easily from an admin dashboard


UI/UX slide show


How does it work?

They are offering the website as a centralized point to receive all requests, leads, services and customers in the restaurant to make an order onsite.

Web application development, alerts creator component

Web application, alerts list available, can switch between visible or not

The About us landing page whole view

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