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MMB online store

AceBuddy collaborated with MMB, a dynamic sports brand, to enhance its global presence through a meticulously crafted online store. This project involved creating two distinct online platforms, each catering to a specific market – one for Switzerland and Europe, and another for Zambia. The objective was to streamline MMB's online retail experience, providing a tailored approach for diverse customer bases.

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Technologies used


About their products

MMB, synonymous with quality and style, offers a range of sports products akin to global giants like Nike. From athletic apparel to accessories, MMB targets a broad audience with its premium spice rubs, distinguishing itself in the market


What we made.

AceBuddy developed a comprehensive eCommerce solution encompassing two online stores. These platforms feature essential components for a seamless shopping experience, including intuitive product grids, detailed product pages, a convenient mini cart, and a smooth checkout process. To empower MMB in managing their online inventory effectively, we implemented a user-friendly admin dashboard. This tool enables MMB to create, update, and delete products effortlessly, ensuring agility in responding to market demands.


How does it work?

Customers visiting MMB's online store can explore a user-friendly interface with intuitive product grids, allowing them to browse through the diverse product range effortlessly. Detailed product pages provide comprehensive information, aiding purchasing decisions. The mini cart feature offers a quick view, enhancing the overall shopping experience. The checkout process is streamlined for simplicity and efficiency.

The admin dashboard serves as the control center, enabling MMB to oversee and manage their product catalog seamlessly. With the ability to perform CRUD operations (Create, Update, Delete) through this dashboard, MMB gains autonomy, ensuring their online inventory is always current and aligned with market trends.

AceBuddy's approach focuses on creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing online store that reflects MMB's brand identity. The collaboration aims to elevate MMB's online retail capabilities, providing a foundation for sustained growth in the digital landscape.

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