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RidgeRun is a serverless project. RidgeRun provides embedded solutions. They needed a new website for one of their new services Artificial Intelligence.

RidgeRun artificial intelligence top header


Technologies used


What are their services?

They offer services for Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Model Integration & Runtime optimization, MLOPS, Continous integration, and deployment.


What we made.

We built a bespoke web solution for them, the project consisted of developing a website and a content engine with Wix-Data database to allow them to distribute ai articles.

  • Wix Velo backend development

  • Website development and design

  • UI/UX

  • Search functionalities

  • Filter components

  • Content creation engine

  • HubSpot CRM API integration

RidgeRun artificial intelligence filter and list component for unique AI articles with new research


UI/UX slide show


How does it work?

The application/website has the capacity to assign technical writers from their employee pool to a specific project, these writers then can focus easily on certain specific projects to write a highly valuable ai article, the article is then distributed by Google which generates inbound leads to the company. The website has been integrated with the Wix CMS which allows our client to seamlessly create new pages for their needs in time record.

RidgeRun artificial intelligence whole landing page view

RidgeRun artificial intelligence CMS rendered component to create a portfolio page

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