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Signo Food Ingredients

Signo LLC, a leading player in the food ingredients industry based in Houston, Texas, faced a challenge with their WordPress website. The existing site, misrepresenting their offerings, needed a shift. AceBuddy stepped in to not only migrate their site to Wix but also redefine their online identity with a redesigned website and a user-friendly catalog component.

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Technologies used


What are their services?

They offer food ingredients for large corporations such as Nestle, Purina, to prepare food products.


What we made.

We migrated their WordPress website and created a new design for them and no cookie cutter.

Efficient Migration:

Efficient Migration: AceBuddy seamlessly moved Signo LLC's website from WordPress to Wix, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption.

Redesigned Website:

The existing WordPress website was revamped to align with Signo LLC's industry. The new design eradicated misconceptions and presented the company as a leader in food ingredients, not pharmaceuticals.

Simple Catalog Component:

A straightforward, easy-to-use catalog was developed to showcase Signo LLC's range of products by category. The simplicity of the component met their precise needs without unnecessary complexities. The component comes in categories so users can easily filter and find what they offer.


How does it work?

The migration to Wix and the implementation of the custom catalog significantly enhanced AudioMagic's online presence. Users now enjoy a seamless and visually engaging journey through the world of Hi-Fi. The refined search and filter functionalities, coupled with detailed product pages, ensure that users can effortlessly explore, evaluate, and choose high-quality audio devices.

Our client is now able to create new products from an admin dashboard, categorize the products upload images for each product and add information in per product in a cohisive professional layout.


AceBuddy's strategic approach resulted in Signo LLC's website securing the top position in search results for the keyword "food ingredients in Houston, Texas." This improved visibility enhanced Signo LLC's online presence, making it easier for potential clients to find them.

AceBuddy is committed to delivering practical solutions that align with our clients' unique requirements, ensuring their online presence accurately represents their industry leadership.

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