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The Gateways to Concious Self-realization cards

This is a serverless web application. The application was programmed to work under random mathematical ranges disired, provided by the client we took her concept and translated into computer algorithm. The application shuffle the deck and select each time 10 cards at random from it based on the algorithm that we translated from her acient technique.

Card component, display the cards used by the web application


Technologies used


What are their services?

They offer official translations of all knd of legal documents that a person needs to present to the US governemnt, our client is an official member of ATA (American Translators Association) which allows them to deliver official translations.


What we made.

We built a bespoke web application, the application was built maching the exact needs and desired design behaviour that our client was envisioning.

  • Velo NodeJS backend with MVC architecture

  • Custom algorithm to replicate acient card's technique

  • Database development

  • Custom shuffle animations

  • Interface logic

Selected card from the hand, displayed with image


How does it work?

This is a beautiful web application, users can shuffle a hand with 10 cards, then they can choose a card and reveal the widsom from it. Behind the scenes we took the acient technics of our client and translated it into a computer algorith, the algorithm follow each step defined by our client to generate a powerful effect when the user selects a card to reveal.

Displays the widsom of the card, reveals the information of the card

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