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US Community Colleges Directory

Corvid, NodeJS Web Application, and Website


Our client Global Advancement of Community Colleges contacted us to build a new college directory for their campaigns and marketing strategies. They wanted useful functionalities for the students and college managers

Tools and Technologies


  • Frontend: ReactJS, Corvid

  • Backend: NodeJS

  • Database: Corvid

  • Host: Wix


  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator


Student's dashboard

The dashboard was created to allow students to save their favorite colleges, so they can log in to check the college, get the URL, phone numbers, and personal email from the college managers



We created 3 databases, the main database takes all the data posted by the Community Colleges managers and place it on standby if the college is approved by our client the college is automatically displayed to the college directory live on the website. The students have options to search for the right college by search bar and filters, such as state, university transfer, etc. Also, we created a login system to save favorite colleges and students can acquire college manager's contact information 

Loading animation

Designed logo

Searching for a college that offers Physics 

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