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Cosmoo is a serverside project. This is a unique exoplanet seeker that is also being used to search for rare objects in the universe. The software connects with the TESS and Kepler spacecraft, and soon with the James Webb Telescope


Technologies used


What are their services?

Astronomy services, Cosmoo offers relevant scientific data of all TESS and Kepler observations that have been done historically since their launch. Cosmoo provides an easy way to analyze these observations empowered with ai methods.


What did we do?

We developed a web-based software with Django, Ai methods, and a complex ReactJS interface, as presented on this case study.

  • Django backend MVC architecture

  • User interface with ReactJS

  • PostgreSQL database development

  • Ai custom methods, no framework thist due to the requirements and lack of existence in the market

  • Tess and Kepler spacecraft communication thorugh the NASA APIs

We hosted this software on PythonAnyWhere by Anaconda. We made sure that is live on the World Wide Web. On PythonAnyWhere we developed a system that keeps the memory of the system at optimum values.

We maintain this software, making sure that is always working under very specific parameters.


How does it work?

The backend was developed to render a react user interface, this interface displays the KOI and TOI, kepler, and Tess objects of interest, by clicking any of those IDs the interface sends a request to the Django backend which then communicates with the NASA servers, and pulling out all the observation data from the server, this data is taken and processed by Django including complex image processing that has been packaged by the spacecraft in order to be possible to send it back to earth. All the data is then transformed into web formats and displayed on the browser.

Once an observation has been loaded by the user to the browser interface, the program has several complex mathematical computations that given data calculate the levels of energy to define if the light is always coming from the same source of different sources, such as cosmic dust, etc. This allows us to define if the observation is an exoplanet or just a distortion in the observation.

Cosmoo Astronomy tool to search explanets, user dashboard

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