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What we do

Backend | Custom Dashboards | Databases | APIs & Webhooks | API enpoints | Stripe & PayPal integration | Artificial Intelligence | SaaS | Web platforms | Software | Applications where users charge to offer services | Third-party integrations | Machine Learning | Sales software

Availability​ | 1

  • Understanding product expectations for the end product​

  • Evaluation and selection of the most suitable tech stack

  • Architectural diagrams with performance, security, and scalability in mind

  • Budget and resource allocation

Data​ | 3

  • Database design and administration

  • Database integration

  • Machine learning implementations

Engineering | 2

  • Web applications

  • Web platforms

  • Mobile applications

  • Software as a service offered through the web to your niche with a payment system

  • eCommerce


Software Development Services

Integrated within our comprehensive software development, our UI/UX design and software architecture services are tailored to enhance user experiences and are not offered as standalone services

Web Applications
Mobile Applications
*Offered as part of the development
UI/UX Design
Software Architecture


Our work on action, building advanced software

At AceBuddy, we are committed to delivering excellence in every project we undertake. Our team is ready to turn your ideas into reality, using the latest technologies and best practices in software development. Let's innovate together! Contact us today to discuss your software needs and take your business to new heights.

This is Cosmoo an exoplanet seeker web application with AI methods, that we built


Web & Mobile Applications

At AceBuddy, we specialize in crafting innovative software solutions that empower businesses and individuals to thrive in the digital age. With a dedicated team of experts and a passion for cutting-edge technology, we offer a wide range of services and have an impressive portfolio of web applications tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Using WSO a web application for recruiters to search american football college players
WSO is a web application that empowers coaches with ease to recruit players
Person using Tiny Guard, to protect her children
Tiny Guar mobile application, developed for private distribution


MVC Architecture

Frontend Development:

  • ReactJS: Building dynamic and responsive user interfaces together with React Bootstrap

  • Velo UI logic: Rapidly develop web applications with a seamless user experience.

Backend Development:

  • Django: Crafting robust and scalable backends for your applications

  • Velo NodeJS version: Developing real-time, high-performance serverless applications with Velo

  • Integration to any API or Webhook on the World Wide Web


  • PostgreSQL: Managing structured data efficiently.

  • Wix-Data: Leveraging Velo NodeJS functions for seamless integration with web apps.


Technology stack

"At our core, we champion a hands-on approach to development, crafting tailored solutions without unnecessary third-party packages. While some projects may require specific SDKs like Stripe or Twilio, we minimize external dependencies, ensuring a lean and optimized codebase. This commitment to in-house development sets us apart, delivering efficient and distinctive applications, free from unnecessary clutter."


  • PostgreSQL

  • Wix-Data


  • Django

  • Velo NodeJS


  • ReactJS

  • Wix-Velo

  • Shopify PageFly

Programming Languages

  • Python

  • JavaScript

  • C

  • SQL

Architecture & UI/UX

  • dataflow

  • Excalidraw

  • Presentator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

Server & hosting

  • For Django or Django - ReactJS projects, we recommend the PythonAnyWhere server by Anaconda Inc. Its transparent fixed pricing, production-level server flexibility, and extensive regional coverage make it an ideal choice for seamless development and deployment


Experience developing web-based software 

Experience innovation at its finest with our suite of web-based solutions tailored to diverse needs. From simplifying print management and streamlining hospitality operations to empowering artists with AI tools, we deliver cutting-edge applications. Explore specialized services like the Exoplanet Light Curve Analyzer, Dental Online Consulting, and Educational Platforms for enhanced learning. Our offerings extend to financial management, marketplaces, business listings, and engaging entertainment experiences.

Delve into the future of web applications with Subscription-based SaaS solutions, efficient construction material procurement, and essential business calculators. Make data-driven decisions with Statistical Applications and enhance sports analysis with AI. Our services cover everything from accurate land measurements in surveying to seamless online transactions, wine investment tracking, and efficient file management. Join us in redefining digital experiences with innovation and functionality.

Our daily work life documents, this is a dataflow chart
Tiny Guard, private mobile application developed for our client to support schools and parents with child locations, child can call 911 emercy phones and more.


We say yes to you because we know how!

Below is a summary of the web-based software that we have built, successfully for our clients

Printing Services Application: Simplifying print management for businesses. Enhanced Print Management System: Developed using the Velo programming platform with NodeJS backend. This web-based application offers a user-friendly interface for businesses, seamlessly integrating with various printing devices for features like print job tracking, cost analysis, and remote printing capabilities.

Exoplanet Light Curve Analyzer: Uncovering exoplanets and rare celestial objects. Advanced Astronomical Data Analysis: Engineered with the Velo programming platform and NodeJS backend, this sophisticated light curve analyzer utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning. It efficiently sifts through vast datasets, aiding astronomers in identifying exoplanets and rare celestial objects.

Inn Manager for service providers: Streamlining the operations of hospitality businesses. Comprehensive Hospitality Management System: Developed using the Velo programming platform with NodeJS backend, this integrated platform streamlines operations for hospitality businesses. It includes search and filter advanced database functionalities, reservation management, check-in/check-out processes, inventory control, and real-time analytics.

Dental Online Consulting: Providing dental advice and consultations online. Telehealth Dentistry Platform: Created with the Velo programming platform and NodeJS backend, this secure online platform enables dental professionals to offer virtual consultations. It incorporates features such as video conferencing, secure document sharing, and appointment scheduling.

Educational Platforms: Enhancing online learning experiences. Interactive Learning Management System: Developed with the Velo programming platform and NodeJS backend, this educational platform boasts interactive content, personalized learning paths, and real-time progress tracking. It also includes collaborative tools, discussion forums, and assessment modules.

Financial Platform: Managing finances and investments with ease. Intelligent Financial Management System: Engineered using the Velo programming platform with NodeJS backend, this comprehensive financial platform combines budgeting, investment tracking, and financial analysis. Machine learning algorithms enhance predictive analytics for informed decision-making.

Marketplaces: Creating online marketplaces for diverse industries. Customizable E-commerce Platform: Developed with the Velo programming platform and NodeJS backend, this online marketplace solution features user profiles, product catalogs, secure payment gateways, and advanced search functionalities. It supports various industries and is highly scalable and customizable.

Business Listing Platform: Helping businesses gain visibility. Optimized Business Directory: Designed with the Velo programming platform and NodeJS backend, this business listing platform includes search engine optimization features for maximum online visibility. It offers user-friendly profiles, customer reviews, and location-based search capabilities.

Artist Platform with AI Features: Empowering artists with AI-driven tools. AI-Powered Creative Suite: Developed with the Velo programming platform and NodeJS backend, this platform empowers artists with AI-driven tools for image recognition, style transfer, and content generation. It enhances the creative process by providing intelligent suggestions and automating repetitive tasks.

Entertainment Platforms: Delivering engaging digital entertainment experiences. Immersive Content Delivery System: Created with the Velo programming platform and NodeJS backend, this scalable entertainment platform offers personalized content recommendations, seamless streaming, and interactive user interfaces. Advanced analytics understand user preferences for engaging digital experiences.

Social Networks: Building thriving online communities where users can view posts, manage posts, and more. Dynamic Social Networking Platform: Engineered with Django and ReactJS for the backend, complemented by the Velo programming platform and NodeJS backend. This feature-rich social networking platform includes real-time updates, multimedia sharing, and user-friendly post-management. It employs algorithms for personalized content feeds and social engagement analytics.

Subscription-based SaaS: Developing subscription-based software solutions. Scalable SaaS Architecture: Developed using the Velo programming platform with NodeJS backend, this subscription-based software application features a robust and scalable architecture. It includes secure payment gateways, user authentication, and license management systems.

Construction Materials Manager: Simplifying construction material procurement. Efficient Procurement System: Engineered with the Velo programming platform and NodeJS backend, this web application simplifies construction material procurement. It connects suppliers and contractors, featuring inventory tracking, order management, and real-time communication.

Business Calculators: Providing essential business calculation tools. Versatile Business Toolkit: Developed with the Velo programming platform and NodeJS backend, this suite of business calculators offers a user-friendly interface for essential financial calculations. It includes accurate algorithms for financial ratios, currency conversions, and budget planning.

Statistical Applications with Graphs: Visualizing data for informed decisions. Data Visualization Platform: Created with the Velo programming platform and NodeJS backend, along with other applications using Django and ReactJS, these statistical applications provide advanced graphing capabilities for visualizing complex data sets. Users can benefit from interactive charts, trend analysis tools, and data export functionalities.

Sports Application with AI methods: Enhancing sports performance analysis. AI-Powered Sports Analytics: Engineered with Velo for frontend and middleware and Django backend, this sports application uses AI methods for in-depth performance analysis. It includes computer vision for player tracking, predictive analytics for game strategies, and injury risk assessment.

Surveying Web Application: Calculating land measurements accurately. Precision Surveying Tool: Developed with the Velo programming platform and NodeJS backend, this web application offers accurate land measurement calculations. It includes geospatial algorithms, real-time GPS integration, and collaborative surveying features.

Web Application for Official Translations: Facilitating Spanish to English translations for US migration offices. Secure Translation Portal: Created with the Velo programming platform and NodeJS backend, this web application is tailored for official translations, focusing on Spanish to English translations for US migration offices. It features secure document handling, multi-language support, and real-time collaboration.

Online Radio Station Web Application: Enabling seamless online radio broadcasting. Robust Radio Broadcasting Platform: Engineered with the Velo programming platform and NodeJS backend, this web application facilitates online radio broadcasting with features like live streaming, playlist management, and audience interaction. It ensures a reliable and engaging radio experience.

Email engine sender-receiver web application: Secure Email Communication System, Developed with Velo programming platform and NodeJS backend, or with Django backend and ReactJS frontend, this secure email engine includes sender-receiver. It incorporates end-to-end encryption, spam filtering, and multi-device synchronization.

Search engine components: Scalable Search Engine Infrastructure: Engineered with Django and ReactJS, these scalable and efficient search engine components include advanced indexing algorithms, real-time search suggestions, and results ranking for fast and accurate search experiences.

Resistance of Materials web application: for professional engineers, to analyze mechanical properties. Materials Analysis Tool for Engineers: Developed with Django and ReactJS, this web application is specifically designed for professional engineers to analyze the resistance of materials. It includes simulation tools, stress analysis features, and a comprehensive material property database.

Bid for products web application: Users can post products set a bit and other users can bid - purchase the products. Dynamic Bidding Platform: Created with Django and ReactJS, this web application enables users to post products and engage in bidding transactions. It includes secure bidding processes, real-time notifications, and user-friendly interfaces for dynamic product buying and selling.

Wine Investment application: Real-time, Multi-currency Portfolio Synchronization. Dynamic Wine Investment Platform: Developed with the Velo programming platform, featuring a NodeJS backend and a ReactJS frontend. This application provides real-time synchronization to investors' portfolios, supporting multi-currency transactions. It calculates 1-year growth, growth since listing, and growth since investor purchase, offering a comprehensive view of wine investments.

File Distribution application: Efficient Heavy File and Bulk Download. Velo-Powered File Distribution: Built using the Velo programming platform with a NodeJS backend and a ReactJS frontend. Similar to WeTransfer, this application facilitates a seamless file distribution experience, allowing users to download heavy files and perform bulk downloads effortlessly. The combination of Velo, NodeJS, and ReactJS ensures a robust architecture for efficient file transfer and a user-friendly interface.

Knowledge base application: This knowledge base web app boasts a Django backend and a ReactJS frontend. Users can sign up, write, and edit wiki articles with ease. The platform features robust search and filter components for efficient navigation. Markdown support allows users to enhance articles. Tailored for our client's needs, the app ensures data security and offers a responsive interface, prioritizing a personalized and successful user experience.

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