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Flash Car Washing

The client required a mobile app to offer car washing services to the local community. The application allow users to schedule time, talk in real time with the company to wash the car. Through the app users can share their GPS location.

Flash car washing mobile app with live chat, google calendar integration and GPS native component and Stripe


Technologies used


What are their services?

They offer a mobile application that is convinient to our client and users to organize place and date to wash the car.


What we made.

We created a mobile app that utilize the native GPS component to share location and organize time and date for the service through a web app.

Mobile application, man using it contacting the company by the live chat to request sevices

Mobile application showing the GPS location component that allows to open it on Google maps to view exact location to wash the car


How does it work?

When a user contact our client through the mobile app, can share their location and chat via a live chat module. Our client can save date and time from the live chat to their Google calendar and location without leaving the mobile app. So the app became a business tool for our client where they can easily check the Google calendar appointments and the GPS locations shared by the users through the live chat, centralizing their operations and tasks.

Mobile applicaiton main menu, request button, chat with us button and call us button

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