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Harte Hanks

This is a serverless project, a web application form and mini website for their printing services, they needed to stay on top of their competitors which are using this type of web application form.

Harte Hanks, printing services official website


Technologies used


What are their services?

Harte Hank is a global marketing company with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. But the services that they offer for this site that we developed are "Print on Demand"


What we made.

We built a bespoke web solution for them, the project consisted of developing a website and web application form with their specific requirements.

  • Website development and custom design (no cookie-cutter)

  • Velo NodeJS backend development

  • Pay link invoice component

  • UI/UX

  • Web application form

Harte Hanks printing services whole landing page view

Harte Hanks priting services about us page


How does it work?

The site serves to show the users their services, the web application form allows users to fill it out, to request an estimate then Harte Hanks contacts directly the client and organizes the "print process" The application sends an invoice to the client once the client pay it sends back notifications and data to their their CRM, to start the project.

Harte Hanks printing services equipment page design

Harte Hanks web application form development to request an estimate, generate leads and request Harte Hanks printing services

Harte Hanks printing services lead form generation

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