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This is an auto shop directory, auto shops subscribes to offer services through the Hendy (the platform), the auto shops are able to easily charge their clients using a custom live chat and a Pay Link module that we created. The payment is split out into a percentage for Hendy and the rest of money for the auto shop.

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Technologies used


What are their services?

They offer a platform where auto shops can sell services online and being able to charge online with a major debit credit card. So Hendy takes a fee pre transaction when a client pays the auto shop. The interactions are done thorugh a custom live chat that we built, this live chat allows auto shops to share Pay links that customers recieve to pay for the service, quickly and conviniently.


What we made.

We created the web application, but also additionally we made the design and user expereince. We analyzed all the user experience, built a roboust secure backend that processes transactions, split payments so our client receive a fee, specified in an admin dashboard. Auto shops join an onboarding module that allows Hendy to place payments in their bank accounts.

Clients can search quickly and find auto shops that fit their needs, contact and talk in real time with the auto shop and agree on a price for the service, than the Auto shop can send a Pay link, the client can pay it with any major debit/credit card, all in a custom highly secure environment fully encrypted and with the W3C best practices.

This video shows how a client request a service and an Auto shop subscribed sends a Pay Link to charge the client:


How does it work?

Auto shops signup to offer services in the platform, interior and exterior for cars.

Clients signup to talk via a custom live chat with the auto shops

Both agree on a price, auto shop sends a Pay link by the chat, and the client pay for it

Hendy receives a percentadge fee per transaction

These type of auto shops normally struggle to sell services online, Hendy delivers a simple solution to do this. on a highly secure environment.

The Auto shop receives the payment after the client pay the "Pay Link"

Client filters to quickly find the right Auto shop

This video shows how an Auto Shop subscribes to receive payments in their bank account when a client pay for a service offered by the Auto Shop

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