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Rtic Coolers

This is a serverless online store, the online store is an extenssion of the US store.

Rtic Coolers, top header online store


Technologies used


About their products

The factory and sell isolated products of high quality, hard coolers, soft coolers, containiers and more.

Rtic Coolers, whole landing page view


What we made.

We built a bespoke online store, the store pulls data and products from an AWS hosted PostgreSQL database.

  • Velo NodeJS backend with MVC architecture

  • Database development

  • Web application UI/UX

  • User interface logic

  • Landing page development and design

  • AWS PostgreSQL database integration

  • Data integration with Wix eCommerce component

Rtic coolers, online store product grid and rich navigation menu


User interface & User Experience


How does it work?

The application is integrated to the main Rtic PostgreSQL database, hosted in AWS. The application pulls data daily to update all the available products based on criteria defined for the country distribution, the data is taken and assigned as products to the Wix eCommerce component, then the products can be offered to the end customer.

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Product page

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