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Tiny Guard

Tiny Guard is the app of Valley Club; a non-profit organization whose goal is to support parents and kids. They asked us to work with them to create a modern app for kids and parents to help them in daily life. 

Mobile application, main menu family safe mode to call 911, parents, find location to home for a child


Technologies used


What are their services?

They offer all kind of services to support parents and their childrens so the family can have communication and protection when the children are in school or high school.

GPS map location, parent request where is the child phone and the system display it


What we made.

We created a mobile app that helps children and parents we chose to add GPS functionalities. This system shows the route to home to the kid and shows the GPS location of the child to the Parents. Apart from this idea, we added a configuration panel for parents with a login and password to configure phone numbers, share locations, and configure to automatically dial Dad and Mom phone numbers. Each piece of information is locked with a password protected module.


UI/UX slide show

User experience, children and parents using the mobile application


How does it work?

When the application is distributed each time is distributed with a unique encryption method, so 2 versions will never have the same encryption method this was a solution to make sure each version of the mobile applicatoin is never the same in terms of encryption, to prevent users trying to decrypt it, this makes it secure system.

We developed 2 mobile applications 1 for parents and 1 for children, the parent mobile app is used to configure and track children activity. The children have features to quick start calls 70% faster than tradditional ways, the application is integrated with a secret word after saying it even if the application is closed starts calling and sharing children location with all configured contacts by the parent also make automatically 911 calls with ai audio voice that includes children location so the application affectively alert everybody of the children status so can take action, the application is integrated with GPS location and the application stores all data in a PostgreSQL database controlled by Django, breaking the phone does not stop the application from sending data apart the application is not visible on the children's menu. We are proud of this private development that is now supporting families to feel safer.

Parent login component

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