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TradingGrapes is a serverside project. This is a fintech project where investors can purchase shares of wine, our client can audit the purchases so that when they sell the wine can easily return the investment owned by the investor. Investors can monitor the growth of their investments through a dashboard.

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Technologies used


What are their services?

TradingGrapes provides fintech services for investors to be able to invest in fine wine that grows in value as the product becomes older.

TradingGrapes is an expert company that knows when and how to sell wine and return the investment to the investors.


What we made.

We built a bespoke web-based software with Velo NodeJS backend, Wix interface components, Velo frontend logic, and Wix-data database that allows investors to purchase shares of wine and our client to offer shares of wine and also compute profits per investor's portfolio.

  • Velo NodeJS backend with MVC architecture

  • Stock controller

  • Multi-currency system setting, users can decide each time what currency they want to set to use the web application as much as to purchase or to view the values of their investment

  • Investor's account

  • Investor's portfolio

  • Growth since purchase date module, this module computes the growth value since the date the user purchased the certain wine.

  • Investor's purchase history

  • Invesmnet listing panel

  • Custom checkout component integrated with Stripe by API

  • Backend API endpoint to use as the Webhook provided to Stripe

  • Frontend user interface logic

  • Admin, this module computes the historical growth & growth since listing

  • Admin, this module runs an audit that computes the total revenue per investor, so when our client sells the wine can easily pay back the profit for the investment to each investor

  • Supported the design of the landing page and we wrote a main base for the wording

Web application user dashboard


UI/UX slide show


How does it work?

Our client offers shares of wine through the web application. Users sign up to become investors, then the investor can purchase shares of fine wine that grow in value as it ages. The investor selects a wine and purchases it through a highly secure custom checkout component integrated with Stripe checkout. Upon successful purchase Stripe sends to a web application endpoint data the successful purchase, and then the purchase is assigned to the investor's portfolio. The investor can add their bank account details so when our client sells the wine the investor receives the return profit of the investment in the bank account. Our client can compute per wine to monitor the historical growth, and growth since listing, and in real-time the backend computes for the investor the growth since the purchase of each wine. Investors can also decide the currency to use the web application, we created the program with the capacity to work with AUD, USD, GPD, and EUR.

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