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Hello! we create software!

Web-based software that companies and users love.

Ethical software boutique, top-rated on Clutch, and MarketPlace. We comprehend your requirements and have the know-how to bring them to reality.

average rating is 5 out of 5, based on 65 votes, Clutch & MarketPlace
Web based software development, we are a #1 software developer with Wix Velo

Frontend UI/UX

Backend & Frontend code

Database tables

Project Proposal

Our clients are the trusted partners of great companies


We Develop Business Ready Web-Based Software.

We specialize in developing business-ready web-based software that utilizes Django for server-side components or Velo for serverless features. Our carefully crafted technology stack, which includes server optimization, is strategically chosen to enhance application performance and reduce operational costs. The deliberate selection of server strategies plays a crucial role in optimizing operational efficiency, leading to overall cost savings for our clients. Learn more →

Cosmoo a software built by AceBuddy to research exoplanets and rare objects in the universe
Cosmoo a software built by AceBuddy to research exoplanets and rare objects in the universe
Cosmoo a software built by AceBuddy to research exoplanets and rare objects in the universe


A Software that speeds up the process of exoplanet research and rare objects, using the Nasa Mast APIs of the Kepler and TESS space telescopes, developed for Scientists and Astronomers.

Bang & Olufsen AceBuddy client, project delivered
Completed project; Tiny Guard Mobile Application
Project private mobile application development
Completed project; Flash Car Washing Mobile Application
Completed project; Client Bar Harbor Bed & Breakfast Association in Maine New England
Completed project; Client Harte Hanks a popular large marketing company in USA
Completed project; Ben Fried Chicken Mobile Application
Completed project; Ben Fried Chicken Mobile Application


We have provided digital solutions for

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Happy customer
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Happy customer
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Happy customer


Let our clients speak for us

Michael Schmitz, CEO

Great Support, Experts, solid customer service, flexible, not afraid to provide alternative solutions. They prove to be knowledgeable and patient

HomeBro DIY - USA



Years of work brought us to this process

Each one of these phases is based on your invaluable feedback, to ensure the desired direction, we can do this thanks to and Excalidraw (the collaborative tools that we use)

Web programming

Discovery | 1

Architecture | 2

Development | 3

Delivery | 4

Understanding during a couple of meetings your vision and requirements for the project. During this phase we explore any potential challenges and solutions, to make sure your project will be delivered successfully. Once this is done we prepare a project proposal, with the cost and timeline for the development.

We create a blueprint (dataflow chart) a design definition, and UX wireframes. The blueprint describe how the data has to flow and where has to be placed security layers, also describes the main database tables for your project. The wireframes define the user interface and overall user experience.

With a production environment, we follow the architecture phase to incrementally build the application using the MVC design pattern. We implement backend CRUD operations per UI, add security layers, and integrate backend modules securely with the frontend using HTTPS or WebSocket (real-time communication) protocol. Then we create all visual components and visual interface logic to display the data.

During the development we test all features live in a production environment sharing video screen recordings and a live link to the project, to ensure successful final results at the early stages. We make sure that by the time we arrive at this delivery phase, the project is already an entire success and we don't have to just hope we did everything right instead you already have a live link to the software, fully functional.


High performance secure web-based software

Elevate your online presence with our team of certified programmers, educated at Harvard, and with over 10 years of experience crafting web-based software. Specializing in web programming and development, we adhere to industry-standard UI/UX practices to ensure a seamless user experience. Rest assured, our team is well-versed in the latest technologies, applying them with precision to keep your website on the cutting edge. With us, you're in capable hands, and your digital success is our success.


Over 10 Years of Experience

Project delivered for Unilever

Over 10 years in Programming, user experience, design, and development, with a user-centered approach. We have delivered projects for 500 - 2000 Fortune Global Companies. We are intentionally small to focus on producing high-quality results and quick, effective project communication between developers and clients. 

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